Soothing Baths and Bath Supplements

Bathing is refreshing and rejuvenating for body and spirit.  Given the harried pace of modern life, we often make do with a quick shower to start the day.  But at Bergdorf, time ticks at a slower pace and a leisurely Alpienne bath becomes a pleasurable interlude of pampering, relaxation and healing.


Honey Pine Bath
This relaxing experience combines the essential ingredients of pure mountain honey and the calming powers of essential pine oils.  It smoothes and moisturizes the skin even as stress gives way to wonderful serenity.

Herbal Bath
This is a strong, energizing bath supplement with an extract of natural herbs, harvested in the nearby meadows and forests.  This restorative bath improves circulation and exudes a fresh and inviting fragrance.

Wildflower bath
This supplement captures the energy of the nutrient-rich grasses and plants that grow naturally in the high meadows. It promotes circulation and exudes the scent of mountain wildflowers in bloom.


Bath salts detoxify the body and can ward off viruses. They act as an internal and external cleansing agent for your entire body.

Herbal bath salts
A blessing for the skin and the body, with essential minerals and trace elements from alpine salts, along with the reenergizing elements of wild mountain herbs.

Pine bath salts
Mountain salts and the calming powers of the “Queen of the Alps.” This bath supplement promotes harmony and calm while strengthening the body and spirit.

Calendula bath salts
Dried marigold blooms are combined with the mineral richness of Alpine salt for a harmonious and beneficial bath supplement.


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