Energy and detoxification massage 70 min / 115,- €
Your head is full of thoughts? You feel tired and powerless?
Then this whole body treatment is just right for you. A unique combination of different massage techniques (e.g. lymph drainage, acupressure) brings deep relaxation and gives you new energy. As you work along the energy meridians, a combination of body detoxification and letting go of psychic ballast is created. The VITALIS massage oil with sage, rosemary and eucalyptus also has a vitalising and blood circulation stimulating effect. As a little extra we will give you a sachet of base salt to purify you at home.

Note: As this treatment has a strong draining effect, it is not possible during pregnancy. As an alternative we offer the base salt peeling massage.

Classic massage 40 min / 65,- € or 70 min / 98,- €
Say goodbye to your muscle tension!
Soothing part or full body massage.
You can switch off and let go wonderfully. The soothing massage relieves tension and gives you relaxation again! Choose your favourite ALPIENNE's natural massage lotions (nerve-soothing, muscle-loosening, caring).

Foot reflex zone massage 40 min / 65,- €
Body functions are harmonized via the reflex zones on the foot.
Muscular and organic blockages are positively influenced. Finally, your skin is nourished and refreshed with the VITALIS foot balm made of sage and mint.
Note: Not possible during pregnancy due to the strong draining effect!

Combination massage 70 min / 98,- €
The intensive treatment for the back and neck, combined with the holistic harmonization via the foot reflex zones, does your body good holistically. You will then feel relaxed and balanced.

Full body ceremony 100 min / 135,- €
Feel spoiled from head to toe!
The ceremony includes a soothing, classic full body massage, including face, as well as a foot reflex zone massage.

Base Salt Peeling Massage 70 min / 110,- €
The detoxifying and cleansing effect of the base salt peeling makes your skin soft and supple. The subsequent full body massage with a VITALIS Aroma Massage Oil of your choice (vitalising or relaxing) rounds off the skin care program.

Zirben Vital Massage 70 min / 105,- € or 100 min / 145,- € (incl. face and arms)
Do you want to experience nature up close?
Would you like to try something completely new? Then choose our ALPIENNE Zirben Vital Massage. Warm pine wood sticks and a pine massage milk (optionally with arnica or honey) are used. With the help of the warmth and the woods we work very deeply. The blood circulation is increased and the blockades and tensions are also released on a fascial level. It comes to an intensive deep relaxation, which lets you feel more vital and full of energy.

Special treatments

Lymph drainage 40 min / 65,- € or 70 min / 98,- €
Special massage technique to stimulate lymph drainage in congestion, swelling, headaches, colds and much more.
Supported by pure essential oils such as lavender, cypress and immortelle. These have a light detoxifying and a gentle lymph-stimulating effect.

APM therapy 40 min / 65,- €
Energy blockages in the body will be localised by means of ear findings.
The corresponding energy pathways are stimulated with a massage stick to achieve harmonization and balance the body's own energy flow.

Cranio Sacral Treatment 40 min/ 65,- €
In this relaxation treatment, the self-healing powers of the body are activated by gentle mobilisation (e.g. of the skull bones) and release of energetic blockages.


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