Wellbeing at Bergdorf

You’ll find a great many different ways to relax and unwind here.  These are just a few of our special tips…

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The Forest Bath
The forest bath is tucked away just a few steps from your chalet.  Only the locals know where it’s hidden and they’re good at keeping secrets. Two oversized bathtubs at the edge of the forest, filled with fresh, steaming spring water and fragrant essential bath oils. You can enjoy this rare and sensuous experience at any time of day or evening, along with an awesome view of the valley and surrounding mountains.  In the evening, we light the bath area with dozens of candles, creating a mood right out of 1001 Nights.  Chilled champagne is within easy reach and on clear nights, it would seem, so are the stars.

The Wooden Bench
It’s a magical place, a simple, yet comfortable wooden bench, right outside your chalet. It’s an integral part of a centuries old lifestyle here in the high alpine regions. After a hard day’s work, the wooden bench is a place to rest and reap simple rewards, such as a breathtaking view of the valley and majestic mountains.

  The Village Pond
Roll up your pant legs, take a seat on the sun-warmed wooden boardwalk and dip your feet into the cool, refreshing water.  The pond is surrounded by verdant mountain meadows and forests and peaks that seem to touch the sky. Your mind is free to wander.  It’s a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and that famous Austrian delicacy, Kaiserschmarrn.  The service is friendly and discreet, always respectful of your privacy.

The Magic Forest
Bergdorf lies at the edge of magnificent forests, with narrow paths leading through a wonderland of natural secrets and boundless beauty. You’ll discover things you might only have seen in books…herbs, ferns, animals and mushrooms.  It’s also a special experience in winter. And after a walk through the snow, you’ll return to a chalet warmed by a crackling fire and with a tasty afternoon treat awaiting your arrival.


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