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We exclusively use pure natural products for our treatments. A selection of our treatment products is available at the PRIESTEREGG shop. Our staff is happy to advise you.

High-tech natural cosmetics. Refined with state-of-the-art micro technology

The power of nature is the essence of this brand. Experts examine various plant species in a private herbary and analyse the findings. Once the most powerful plants have been identified, they are processed using the latest micro technology and made into these effective products. The high-quality raw materials used for TEAM DR JOSEPH products are sustainably cultivated.

TEAM DR JOSEPH products are divided into seven categories tailored to the needs of different skin types to restore the skin’s natural balance.

TEAM DR JOSEPH is winner of the Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2016, the SPA Diamond Award 2016 and the European Health & Spa Award 2017 in the category “Best Cosmetic ProDuct Innovation 2017”.

Highly effective, certified organic and noble raw materials on a high-tech basis

What started off as Dr Joseph Franz’s personal need is now an established SPA professional partner of the second generation. The word ‘Team’ is not an empty phrase in the brand name as it is a family business. DR JOSEPH’s sons Viktor and Fabian as well as his daughter Lena work for the company. In 1986, they founded VITALIS DR JOSEPH, which has represented the originality and authenticity of South Tyrol ever since. The healing herbs and plants used for this high-quality care products grow on fragrant mountain meadows. VITALIS DR JOSEPH stands for the symbiosis of man & nature, beauty & esthetics and health & wellbeing.

The highly qualified team of VITALIS DR JOSEPH applies the latest technologies and profound specialist knowledge to develop these innovative products for body, hair, cosmetics and massages as well as bath salts, peelings and masks.

Made with love. Produced climate neutral.

Inspired by the alpine healing methods and the long tradition of herbal medicine, ALPIENNE has produced pure natural care products for body and hair for years. All products are exclusively made of pure natural materials such as beeswax, olive oil and propolis. Alpine herbs such as arnica, St. John’s wort and marigold are harvested by hand and gently processed.


Pioneer for men’s skincare

EBENHOLZ skincare was founded by Wolfgang Rindchen and his team of experts in 2015. From the very beginning, EBENHOLZ skincare has been committed to produce cosmetics for men and has received several awards for its outstanding products. The combination of naturalness, sustainability and effectiveness makes this brand unique. The healing and highly effective essences of trees have been used by many cultures for years. EBENHOLZ skincare has optimised these powerful essences to protect, regenerate, strengthen and rejuvenate male skin. It is the world’s first skincare range for all products.

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