The Pinzgau region is not only famous for its beautiful landscape, it is also known for its culinary diversity. We serve local specialties as well as seasonal delicacies, no matter whether sweet or savoury – there is certainly something for everyone. Let our chefs spoil you to the max!


Directly from nature of the highest quality

Food is very important to us! That’s why most of our products are homemade or purchased from nearby farms and small regional producers.  We bake fresh bread in our stone oven and smoke savoury bacon in our smoking chamber. The happy cows of the Pinzgau farmers provide us with fresh milk and butter. The delicious honey, which is also an ingredient of our Bergdorf chocolate, comes from the small farm shop belonging to our friends Mathilde and Franz Höttl.
You see, the honest and pure taste of the PRIESTEREGG delicacies are well worth the trip.


Hat meal

As a starter, we serve a bowl of fresh salads with Balsamic vinegar, kernel oil and freshly-made garlic bread. We then place an iron hat in the centre of the beautifully laid table and heat it with a paste burner. The hat’s brim is filled with a hearty beef soup and delicious Julienne vegetables. For the meat, everyone places their pork or Galloway loin, which has been marinated by our chefs, on the hot hat. It’s up to you whether you prefer this special delicacy rare, medium or well done! This substantial meal is accompanied by a fresh salad, freshly prepared garlic bread, various sauces and baked potatoes from an organic farm. In between, you can complement this meal by having a spoonful of the delicious beef soup with vegetables, which gets stronger and more intense as the grilling continues. This is more than just dinner – this is a special, cosy and social experience!

Spare ribs

As a starter, we serve a bowl of fresh salads with Balsamic vinegar, kernel oil and freshly-made garlic bread. After this delicious intro, we serve our famous spare ribs in a giant iron pan. The spare ribs are seasoned with a top-secret herb mix and roasted using a special method, which makes them as tender as nowhere else. They are served with baked potatoes in a sour-crème and chive sauce.

Tender pink roasted back of Galloway beef

A piece of Galloway Schlögel, seasoned with herbs, is roasted for several hours at low temperature and thus crispy on the outside and pale pink on the inside. The delicious aroma is the best aperitif you can imagine. It is accompanied by roast potatoes and sweet and spicy red cabbage. Starting of course with our “vitamin shot” a bowl full of salads with warm garlic bread.

Huwi’s Alm & Garden

Please book a table at Huwi’s Alm at tel: +43 6583 82 550


Free-range husbandry all year round

We are especially proud of our organic Galloway cattle farming, which provides our restaurant with delicious and tender beef. The Galloway is one of the world’s longest established breeds of beef cattle originating in the Southwest of Scotland. The rough, windy and rainy Scottish weather has shaped these robust and resilient animals, whose excellent meat was already enjoyed by the Old Romans. The Galloways were first historically mentioned by the poet Livius in 284-204 BC and were the only creatures allowed to pass through Hadrian’s Wall, which protected the Roman province of Britannia from the wild tribes of Scotland from the North.

For further culinary experiences we would like to recommend our two other restaurants in Leogang.

Mama Thresl

mama thresl’s kitchen.

Always fresh, delicious and seasonal. We offer traditional dishes, home-made tarte flambée, crunchy salads, savoury steaks and delicious burgers, or simply what nature provides and our chefs feel like rustling up.

For reservations, please contact +43 6583 20 800


Hendl Fischerei

Enjoy your meal with mama thresl in the ski area

The hendl fischerei serves warm drinks in real cold winter weather as well as cool drinks in scorching summer temperatures. For lunch, Huwi spoils you with his world famous grilled chicken, spicy ribs or delicious fish served on a stick. Huwi’s delicacies come with the typical cool DJ sound from Ibiza.

For reservations, please contact +43 6583 20 800 800

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