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It is now possible to enjoy our wellness treatments directly in your Chalet or in the pleasant surroundings of our new PRIESTEREGG BAD. All treatments are marked with two different symbols that should help you find your way around and know what’s available where.

Feel Good Treatment in your Chalet   |   Feel Good Treatment in the PRIESTEREGG BAD

Note: Please arrive at your Chalet or in the fireplace room of the PRIESTEREGG BAD 10 minutes before the start of your treatment. This will give you enough time to fully enjoy your wellness programme.


Are you unable to switch off your thoughts? Are you tired and low in energy? Then this full-body treatment is just right for you. This unique combination of different massage techniques (e.g. lymph drainage, acupressure) allows you to completely relax and recharge your batteries. It works along the energy meridians which detoxifies the body and allows you to let go of any mental baggage. The VITALIS massage oil with sage, rosemary and eucalyptus is vitalising and stimulates your blood circulation.

Before the massage, you receive a purifying full body peeling with bath salt to prepare your skin for the treatment.
As a special treat, we will give you a small bag of this precious bath salt to take home with you.

Note: This treatment is very draining and is not available for pregnant women. As an alternative, we offer a bath salt peeling massage.

Energy and Detoxifying massage | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 102

Energy and Detoxifying massage | 70 min | Chalet | € 122

This treatment starts with a detoxifying and cleansing bath salt peeling that makes your skin soft and smooth. The ensuing full body massage with aromatic VITALIS massage oils of your choice (vitalising or relaxing) rounds up this amazing body care treatment.

Base salt peeling massage | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 98

Base salt peeling massage | 70 min | Chalet | € 120

This massage harmonises your body functions through the reflex zones on your feet, which releases muscular and organic blocks. At the end of your treatment, we apply VITALIS sage and mint foot balm to revitalise your feet.

Note: This treatment is very draining and is not available for pregnant women.

Reflexology foot massage | 30 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 58

Reflexology foot massage | 40 min | Chalet | € 76

This deep tissue massage of body and neck combined with the holistic harmonisation of your body through the reflex zones on your feet will do your body a world of good. It will make you feel relaxed and balanced.

Combi-Massage | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 97

Combi-Massage | 70 min | Chalet | € 118

Say goodbye to tensions! During this soothing partial or full body massage, you can switch off and relax. It gets rid of your tensions and relaxes you! You can choose your personal favourite from ALPIENNE’s natural massage oils (nerve-soothing, muscle-loosening, caring).

Classic massage | 30 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 58

Classic massage | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 97

Classic massage | 40 min | Chalet | € 78

Classic massage | 70 min | Chalet | € 118

The time you take, is the time you receive

Get spoiled from head to toe! This soothing classic full body massage includes a facial as well as a foot reflexology massage.

Full body ceremony | 90 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 130

Full body ceremony | 100 min | Chalet | € 148

Do you want to experience nature close up and personal? Are you willing to try something new? Then opt for our ALPIENNE Pine-Vital-Massage. The massage with warm pine-vital sticks combined with a Swiss arolla pine massage milk (you can choose between arnica and honey) penetrates deeply into you muscle layer and improves your circulation. The sticks’ heat allows the therapist to go very deep. It increases your blood circulation and releases blocks and tensions on a fascial level. This is pure relaxation!

Pine-Vital-Massage | 70 min | Chalet | € 120 (without face and arms)

Pine-Vital-Massage | 100 min | Chalet | € 158


This special massage stimulates lymph drainage to release congestions, swellings, headaches, colds and other things. Purely essential oils such as lavender, cypress and immortelle are used for this massage. These oils are slightly detoxifying and have a gentle lymph-stimulating effect.

Lymph drainage | 30 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 58

Lymph drainage | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 97

Lymph drainage | 40 min | Chalet | € 76

Lymph drainage | 70 min | Chalet | € 116

This intensive back treatment combines traditional healing practices (cupping, hot rolls, classic massage) with deep vibration created by singing bowls.

Comforting warmth, loosening massage techniques and soothing sounds touch your body, mind and soul. This full body treatment will make you feel relaxed and revitalized.

Strong back – happy soul | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 98

This therapy locates energy blocks in your body by examining your ear. The treatment is carried out with the use of a special massage rod, which adjusts the body’s natural energy lines.

APM Therapie | 30 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 60

APM Therapie | 40 min | Chalet | € 80

This traditional Thai massage is a therapy to mobilise your entire musculoskeletal system. Targeted acupressure and stretching along the meridians combined with deep and calm breathing brings your body back into balance.

Note: Nuad Thai Massage is a clothed massage (in comfortable sports clothes) traditionally practiced on a thick mat on the ground. It’s perfect for those who need some time for themselves and want to treat themselves!

Nuad Thai | 90 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 140

During this relaxation treatment, the self-healing powers of the body are activated by gently mobilising (e.g. the skull bones) and releasing energy blocks.

Note: This treatment is done fully clothed. We recommend wearing comfortable gym clothes.

Cranio Sacral Treatment | 30 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 60

Cranio Sacral Treatment | 40 min | Chalet | € 80

Price is subject to the duration and the material used for the treatment from | € 17 

Flexible taping to support, regenerate and alleviate pain in muscles, ligaments and joints.

Note: Please shave the affected areas a day prior to the treatment as the tape is most effective on smooth skin.

Physio Taping | Price depends to the duration and material | PRIESTEREGG BAD | from € 17

Physio Taping | Price depends to the duration and material | Chalet | from € 17



The haki® method is a holistic and tailor-made concept for top-heavy people of today. The award-winning method is unique and applied by trained therapists.

Wellbeing starts with the head.

This treatment focuses on shoulder, neck and head. Through rhythmic pressure as well as targeted pulling and stretching, this treatment releases the pressure in your body so it can regain its strength and lightness. The body is grounded and strengthened by treating your feet. The resulting harmony in the nervous and muscle system will make you feel balanced and regenerated.

You can also perform this ritual at home. If you do so, the effects will last longer and you will keep the healthy feeling for a long time after the treatment.

haki® Stretch and Relax | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 98

Experience this amazing water treatment

The award-winning haki®-Flow-treatment allows you to let go and feel safe. Your entire body is gently pulled and stretched with the help of elastic bands and floats. This therapy is a new way of releasing inner blockages by transferring your body into a constant lightness of being. A unique treatment for everyone who loves water and its healing powers.

haki® Flow | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 128

Forest Spa


Our Forest Spa is a special wellness experience which is only a stone’s throw away from our Chalets. Hidden away at the edge of an idyllic forest, two bathtubs filled with fresh warm spring water and soothing essences are waiting for you.
In this relaxed atmosphere, you can fully absorb nature and gaze across the Leogang Valley and its breathtaking panorama of the Steinerne Meer and Hochkönig mountain ranges.

Note: You will be picked up from your Chalet and accompanied to the forest.
The Forest Spa is only open in summer and in good weather.

After a relaxing bath with sweet, fresh and pleasantly tingling bubbles, treat yourself with a full body oiling.

Forest Spa for two | 50 min | Waldbad | € 156 for two

Before you immerse yourself into the relaxing bubble bath, treat yourself with a full body peeling that prepares your skin for the nourishing oils. The tub is filled with sweet, fresh and pleasantly tingling bubbles. After his bubbling experience, you can enjoy a partial or full body oiling.

Forest Spa Ceremony for two | 75 min | Forest Spa | € 260 for two


Skin care with TEAM DR JOSEPH

Spoil your face with an individual all round beauty treatment. This session starts with a facial peeling followed by a cupping glass treatment that stimulates your metabolism. Serum, intensive mask and facial massage are adjusted to your individual needs. Hence, we apply exactly the right products for your skin condition: cleansing and clarifying or nourishing and regenerating. While the mask is activating your skin, you can choose between having a hand or a foot massage.

Time for my skin | 75 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 109

This intensive lifting treatment is a real treat! After the cleansing peeling and cupping glass treatment that stimulates your metabolism, you receive an advanced bio energetic lifting facial treatment. While the facial mask is activating and treating your skin, you can choose between having a hand or a foot massage. You will see – your skin will be noticeably smooth, vital and firm after this treatment.

Note: Men need to be cleanly shaven for the cupping glass treatment.

Bio Lifting Facial Treatment | 90 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 129

Eyelashes dyeing | PRIESTEREGG BAD | €18

Eyebrows dyeing | PRIESTEREGG BAD | €18

Eyebrows plucking | PRIESTEREGG BAD | €18


Skin care with EBENHOLZ skincare

Fresh, healthy looking skin doesn’t just look beautiful, it leaves a lasting impression. The development behind all EBENHOLZ products is based on this simple realisation. For years, many cultures have used healing and highly effective essences from trees. Today, EBENHOLZ has optimised this sheer power to protect, regenerate, strengthen and rejuvenate male skin and restore its fresh look.

We start with a relaxing shoulder and neck massage to prepare you for your facial treatment. We clean your skin, and according to your needs, we apply a mask and serum. The finishing soothing facial massage rounds up your treatment nicely.

For men only | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 89


Basic manicure of fingernails and cuticles, including care products.

Manicure | 45 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 67

In addition to the cosmetic pedicure (cutting nails, removing calluses and cuticles), existing foot problems (ingrown toenails, corns) are treated, if necessary. The treatment is rounded up by a soothing foot massage.

Medical Pedicure | 60 min | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 87

Adds one with pedicure and manicure

Nails varnish | PRIESTEREGG BAD | € 17


We exclusively use pure natural products for our treatments. A selection of our treatment products is available at the PRIESTEREGG shop. We are happy to advise you which ones to choose.


You can book your personal treatment by phone on +43 6583 82 550.
Please note that we charge 80 percent for treatments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

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