The term ‘wellness’ is a combination of two words: ‘well-being’ and ‘fitness’ or ‘happiness’. It stands for the harmony of body, mind and soul combined with a balanced degree of relaxation, a healthy diet, sports and mental activity.

At the PRIESTEREGG, you can experience this wonderful combination of relaxation and vitality in the privacy of your Chalet. We have an exclusive selection of treatments on offer, and there are no waiting times. You can either enjoy this on your own or together with your partner.

Wellness in the Chalet

Take time-out from everyday life

Experience wellness in the privacy of your Chalet. Before we start your treatment, you soak your feet in a Swiss pine bowl for about 10 minutes. It’s relaxing, stimulates blood circulation and simply makes you feel good. Whilst your feet relax, we serve you a delicious and healthy Kombucha drink. This treatment works with the natural healing powers that stimulate and pamper all your senses.


Priesteregg BAD

Retreat for happy moments

Wellbeing and relaxation: These are two wonderful ways to forget everyday life. Soon the PRIESTEREGG will offer both in two different locations. As before, you can receive your treatments in your Chalet; from December 2019, the new PRIESTEREGG BAD offers you the opportunity to find wellbeing and relaxation right behind Huwi’s Alm.


Dive into silence

Here at the PRIESTEREGG, you practice yoga in the most beautiful places and receive the best possible instructions. Our instructors show you how to feel your body, mind and soul and unite them over and over again. Yoga at the PRIESTEREGG teaches you how to feel your body with all senses and bring it back into harmony. This will help you find focused concentration and inner peace again.


We exclusively use pure natural products for our treatments. A selection of our treatment products is available at the PRIESTEREGG shop. We are happy to advise you which ones to choose.


You can book your personal treatment by phone on +43 6583 82 550.
Please note that we charge 80 percent for treatments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

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