en Inhaber Huwi Oberlader vor einem Chalet im Bergdorf Priesteregg

Premium Eco Resort

“Man and nature need to be in harmony
to preserve the world for future generations.”

Huwi Oberlader


Sustainable hotel concept

The Pinzgau region is a natural paradise and must be preserved. It is of the utmost importance to us to treat our environment with care; it’s the basis for maintaining our homeland.

The PRIESTEREGG takes all common environmental aspects into account and supports local suppliers and sustainable businesses. Our respect for surroundings, environment and nature is also reflected in the architecture of the Bergdorf. Hence, all our Chalets were built almost CO2 neutral and blend into the environment.

For the construction, we predominantly used natural and ecological materials, most of which were purchased locally. For the interior, we have tried to leave everything as natural and original as we possibly could. Bearing the future of our planet in mind, the design of the Bergdorf is climate-friendly and innovative. All our energy comes from renewable sources. We also use other environmentally-friendly technologies, such as waste water heat recovery, to support our green vision for the future.

Nächstes freies Chalet:
ab dem 28.09.21


À la Carte Gäste für Huwi's Alm bitten wir um Tischreservierung unter:
+43 6583 82 550 oder bergdorf@priesteregg.at

*Mandatory field