en Inhaber Huwi Oberlader vor einem Chalet im Bergdorf Priesteregg

Premium Eco Resort

“Man and nature need to be in harmony
to preserve the world for future generations.”

Huwi Oberlader


Sustainable hotel concept

Coming from a farming background, we have lived in tune with nature all our lives. We appreciate nature’s unique value, its unfailing power, and indispensable protection. Nature is the basis of human existence. Of course, we enjoy travelling to faraway places or eating fruit from southern climates. However, wherever possible, we do our bit to protect nature, its resources and the well-being of humankind.

Together with the German Viessmann Group, we have converted the basement of the PRIESTEREGG BAD into our very own powerhouse. Different systems interact with each other in a perfectly coordinated cycle and supply all our chalets, villas and the BAD with heat, water, and electricity.

Our power supplies come from the sun, geothermal energy, biomass, and biogas.

Extra heat is added to the system from the wastewater of our hot tubs and our pool, and we use the spring water from the nearby Birnbachloch stream. An ice storage facility extracts energy from the water until it turns into ice, which is used to cool our rooms in the summer. Viessman has developed a highly innovative system that intelligently combines all our energy sources. This means that each source kicks in when it is most effective – a technically ingenious system. Nature is very powerful, and we humans are intelligent enough to use this power in the best possible way. Being aware of this amazing opportunity is already half the battle won.

We are convinced that each and every one of us can make a small contribution to preserve our environment without having to give up things we have grown to love. It doesn’t take much more than just using a glass, a towel, or a bathrobe one more time. Thanks for joining in!

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