Between heaven and earth

A high plateau at 1,100 metres.
Majestic and sublime, the Steinberg mountains.
Mountain pastures, meadows, deep forests.
Close to heaven.

The old land
here the priests of Salzburg used to live
continues its history:
The PRIESTEREGG, the Bergdorf.

Creaking wood.
Natural materials.
Stone walls, more than a thousand years old.
The strong scent of lemons.

A few steps farther, the alpine inn.
A hearty atmosphere.
Delicacies served by the innkeepers.
Genuine and authentic.

Comfort. A fire crackling in the fireplace.
Night falls.
Stars in the firmament.

The morning – fresh and clear like a mountain creek.
A vision – sometimes higher than the clouds.
Breakfast, prepared as if by magic.

Time, at least. Time for essentials. Time for yourself.
Breathe. See. Feel.
Simply live. Simply be human.



500 years PRIESTEREGG.

The PRIESTEREGG1 has a long and eventful history. It was first officially mentioned in 1505. During that time, the lords of the Almb (today Maria Alm) owned the land, and in 1756 when the knights sought salvation via the church they bequeathed the land to the priests of Salzburg. The fertile land was then cultivated by serfs, who had to pay a ten percent tax in the form of money or natural products to the archdiocese of Salzburg. When the serfs were emancipated in 1780, the farmhouse and the estate was taken over by our family. Since then, we have continued writing the history of the priests of Salzburg with the creation of the Priesteregg. To this day, the land that used to be cultivated for the priests is still a paradise.

1The term „Egge“ used to describe a small farm. There are several other farms in the Leogang Valley whose names end in “egg”, such as Neudegg, Saalegg, Bergmannsegg, Grünegg, Schrattenegg..

History in figures

1505The PRIESTEREGG is first officially mentioned
1756The priests of Salzburg own the land in the region
1780The farm as well as the estate become the property of the Oberlader family
1989Huwi takes over the agricultural business with refreshment station from his parents
1992Huwi’s Alm opens
2009Construction of the Chalets and opening of the Bergdorf
2011Construction of the Brugg and the reception area
2013Construction of the Willy Bogner Chalet
2018/19PRIESTEREGG becomes an Eco Resort, PRIESTEREGG BAD, Villa ETANER and the Wilderer Villa are built


Enjoy your rest in the mountains.

Have you ever longed for a place where you can feel at home? A retreat in the mountains where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and meet kind people? If so, you have finally arrived! There is nothing in our Bergdorf that could upset you; nothing that could disturb you. Here, you can relax in your own Chalet and recover from everyday life. Surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama of the Pinzgau Alps, you can spend your days socialising or on your own. Anything is possible here. This is a place that embraces you, however, it also provides enough space for you to go and discover new things.


Fresh air and a magnificent view.

The PRIESTEREGG is a special place. Like a well-kept secret, it lies at an altitude of 1,100 metres on a high plateau in the face of the Leogang Mountains. No matter how hard you look, you won’t see any large signs here. Go out and discover the Bergdorf for yourself! Below you, the valley stretches out for kilometres. The mountains of the Steinerne Meer tower ahead of you with the almost 3,000-metres-high Hochkönig soaring into the sky right next to it. Farther along, the Leogang Valley and the Kitzbühel Alps open up in front of you. This 360-degree view is unique. No wonder we are proud of it. It makes us happy if our guests are equally enthusiastic about it and want to come back.

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