Clocks tick more slowly in the Bergdorf PRIESTEREGG. It’s a place for peace and inner reflection. A place where body, spirit and soul are in full harmony. People’s hearts are in the right place here. They know what is important in life, treat others with love and respect and appreciate nature. This mindful lifestyle enables you to view things anew and puts a certain distance between you and your hectic everyday life. Join us on this journey and regain the ability to appreciate the most valuable things in life: your partner, family, friends, health, and first and foremost yourself.


Fresh air with a magnificent view.

Don’t hesitate to have a look around the Bergdorf at any time and explore our little paradise. Here, you’ll discover little details that make the PRIESTEREGG so authentic and unique. Our Chalets are in the midst of unspoiled nature, which has its charm during any season.
It’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend your days with other people or prefer to be on your own. Anything is possible in our Bergdorf. This is a place that embraces you, however, it also provides enough space for you to go and discover new things.


With its unspoiled landscape, the Pinzgau region is the epitome of alpine living.

We are blessed to live in a little paradise, the Pinzgau. This diverse holiday region stretches from the Kitzbühler Alps, the national park Hohen Tauern to the Steinernes Meer. The Großglockner high alpine road connects the Salzburg region with Carinthia and opens up the impressive panorama of the high mountains. The Pinzgauers are down-to-earth, friendly people who live and love their traditions and are open to new impulses.


A visionary hotel concept to protect the environment.

The Pinzgau region is a natural paradise and it must be preserved. It is of the utmost importance to us to treat our environment with care; it’s the basis for maintaining our homeland.
The PRIESTEREGG takes all common environmental aspects into account and supports local suppliers and sustainable businesses. Our respect for surroundings, environment and nature is also reflected in the architecture of the Bergdorf.

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