Jams made by Véronique Witzigmann

Sweet Delicacies Created by the “Jam Fairy”

We share the passion for organic food with our friend Véronique Witzigmann, who is the daughter of Eckart Witzigmann, the famous Austrian chef. She often visits us, with her luggage always being full of her marvellous jams and chutneys.

It was her daughter Marietta, who prompted her to make jams. Little Marietta didn’t like fresh fruit or “pieces” of it in the jam, either. So Véronique decided to develop her own fruit spreads. Everyone was enthusiastic about them! And some time she was told: “They are so fine. You should reap more benefit from your hobby. You are really a jam fairy”. This is how it all began.

What started with a few jars of jam for her daughter has meanwhile become a small but sophisticated jam and chutney factory. Her products are handmade in small quantities from best seasonal ingredients according to recipes, which are always tested and refined by Véronique herself. When staying at “Priesteregg” Resort, you can taste Véronique’s delicious jams already for breakfast and take them home to treat your dear ones to these little delicacies.  


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