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It is early morning. You’re still cuddled in your warm, cozy bed and you hear the door of your chalet opening…discreetly…quietly.  Your personal catering service has arrived. Slowly, sounds and heavenly aromas reach you…the porcelain tableware is neatly arranged, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee fills the air…and in the background, the crackling fire exudes its warmth through the rooms. As you slowly roll over in bed, you might well wonder if this is real or just a wonderful dream.  But Bergdorf is where dreams and reality combine. It’s time to seize the day.

And when you return from a day of skiing or hiking, you’ll find your chalet clean and wonderfully warm.  Then it’s up to you whether to join us for dinner at “Huwi’s Alm” or to enjoy your evening meal in the comfort of your chalet.  Either way you can choose from all of the delectable choices we have on offer. Just inform our team and then sit back and relax. It’s that easy.


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