Fire – Water – Earth – Air

Over millions of years, the forces of nature have combined to create a place of unique and natural splendor…the rugged mountain peaks, the verdant alpine meadows, the deep valleys. It seems as if everything here unfolds according to nature’s plan.  One of the most appealing aspects of Bergdorf is a deep and abiding respect for and harmony with Mother Earth.

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One example is the 200-year old hand hewn wood, gleaned from aging Austrian barns and farmhouses. It has been given new life in the construction of our chalets.

Or the flooring for those chalets.  It has been fashioned from 150-year old spruce trees that once towered skyward in the nearby Schwarz-Leo valley.  This area is well -known for its giant spruce trees with trunks measuring over one meter in diameter.

But the showcase of our chalets is the bedrooms with paneling crafted from cedar and exuding a most delightful and refreshing aroma with legendary health benefits. Our cedar was harvested at an elevation of 1,700 meters in Austria’s Hohe Tauern national park.

  Regional craftsmanship is also on display in the rooftops of the chalets, with handmade larch wood shingles that can withstand the considerable forces of nature.  Or the stone tiles in the wellness area. We used flagstone from Solenhofen, once found only in the noble estates along the Danube River.

We also put a high premium on the food we serve at Bergdorf.  Much of what you eat here is either grown and prepared here or delivered from farms in the immediate area. We bake our own crisp bread using fresh milk and delectable butter from local dairies.  The honey comes from a village down the road. Our jellies and jams are homemade and we have our very own smokehouse for bacon and ham.  The hearty, natural, pristine flavors alone are worth the visit.


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