Have you ever longed for a place where you can feel at home? A place that provides you with warmth and security? A place that allows you to feel your pure and true self? A place where you can choose to be alone or with your friends and family?

In the midst of the beautiful Leoganger Steinberge, you can either spend your days socialising or enjoying the peace and quiet on your own. Anything is possible here. This is a place that embraces you, however, it also provides enough space for you to go and discover new things.


Clocks tick more slowly in the Bergdorf PRIESTEREGG. It’s a place for peace and inner reflection. A place where body, spirit and soul are in full harmony. People’s hearts are in the right place here. They know what is important in life, treat others with love and respect and appreciate nature. This mindful lifestyle enables you to view things anew and puts a certain distance between you and your hectic everyday life. Join us on this journey and regain the ability to appreciate the most valuable things in life: your partner, family, friends, health, and first and foremost yourself.

Renate & Huwi Oberlader


Enjoy nature.

With our visionary chalet village in Austria we have consciously decided to preserve the alpine natural paradise in Leogang in its beauty and at the same time make it possible for you to experience it. The alpine landscape of the region Pinzgau is an indispensable part of our exclusive mountain village PRIESTEREGG. Therefore, it is our heartfelt concern to consider all environmental aspects and to focus on sustainability, regionality and seasonality.

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A heavenly place on earth.

Our Bergdorf offers a very special kind of recreation and Chalets of the highest standard, just as you would expect from a first-class hotel resort like the PRIESTEREGG. Staying at one of our 15 authentic chalets or three exclusive villas with private spa you can let yourself go and enjoy your vacation in our chalet village in Austria according to your wishes.


Escape from everyday life.

Your health and wellbeing are very close to our hearts, that’s why we deliver your wellness treatment directly to your Chalet doorstep. The impending opening of the PRIESTEREGG BAD is another testimony of our commitment to serve your wellbeing. Its magnificent architecture, soothing atmosphere as well as the holistic and innovative treatments (e.g. hakiFlow) will certainly give you beautiful moments of wellbeing.

We are happy to arrange an appointment for you either by phone +43 6583 82 550 or email.


Regional delicacies – true and genuine.

The specialties served at Huwi’s Alm are seasonal and fresh. The famous hut meal is a culinary highlight that will make your evening in our atmospheric restaurant even more unforgettable. Weather permitting, you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama from our idyllic garden restaurant.

Please book a table at: +43 6583 82 550


We are delighted that so many guests have spent a restful holiday in our resort. If you were satisfied with your stay at Bergdorf PRIESTEREGG, please take a moment to recommend us.

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Even if you are somewhere else in the world and cannot be with us at the PRIESTEREGG, have a look here to check the weather at the Bergdorf and in Leogang Valley.

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